I joined CrossFit FullMotion after CrossFit Limitless joined with them earlier this year. This box is one of the most enjoyable to workout at. In addition to Brian, Coach Dom and Coach Kim were also great to work with. Coach Kim was always there to help me with my posture and form on Deadlifts. Coach Dom also helped me with my tight hamstrings and squats. Coach Brian was awesome all around to motivate and help me especially with the Olympic lifts.


The facility is just right in size for me. Not to big but not too small either. I never felt members were on top of each other. All equipment was clean and in good condition.

Membership also varies there. There were people from all walks of life and different ages. The people were always good to me.

Thanks and I get no compensation from this review. This is how I truly feel about CrossFit FullMotion. If you have any questions on this please let me know.

- Dean


I've been a member of CrossFit FullMotion for almost two years. It was my first experience with Crossfit and it has been amazing. At 51 years old I can say that I am in the best shape of my life. This box is for you whether you're a beginner or have been a crossfitter for years! I am totally addicted!

- Mary


This gym is a really fun, healthy and supportive place. Dominic runs an intense and safe group class always offering me options to ramp up my workout on days I want that extra intensity; and on days when I didn't sleep well or when my shoulder tendinitis or knee twinges or back pain need some gentle attention, he offers me great encouragement and tons of effective modifications, so that I don't feel like I'm slacking or not getting my sweat going. The people who work out here are friendly without being in my face and like to work hard towards whatever they're goals are. I tried this place with my boyfriend, to work out together, as someone who meditates and practices yoga daily, I must say I'm very happily surprised at how much I and we enjoy it.

- Tess


At 20 years old, I have been through my ups and downs of motivation to workout and be fit. After a diagnosis of mono in January, I finally realized it was time to take care of my body. Once I got the clear from my doctor in May, I slowly got back into crossfit. Dominick modified workouts for me to adjust to my abilities. The positive atmosphere and motivating people there make me WANT to get up and go to the gym everyday. The trainers here have taught us the importance of consistency, hardwork, determination and healthy eating. After 3 months of truly sticking to these values, I have lost 28 pounds and am stronger and healthier than ever before. Above all, I am happy with myself and I actually like going to the gym! I recommend this gym for anyone ages 13-100 (the trainers can modify for those older folks, too)!

- Jackie


I love this place! Its a very supportive group of people all slugging it out together. Coach Dominick and Kim are wonderful and talk and walk you though everything. The facilities are really clean and climate controlled. I've been going for six months and have noticed a big difference in how I look and feel. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who may be considering it.

- Carrie


Awesome place with an awesome crew got me addicted to crossfit and on my way to being in the shape I need and able to meet the goals I want. No pressure and just enough motivation to get you at your best! :)

- Jason


I started training with Dominick after having my son. I gained a lot of weight and felt awful about my body. My husband set up an appointment with Dominick for personal training and the rest is history. Dominick got me back on track and I felt the best I have felt in my whole life. Now I would like to pay it forward, training at CrossFit FullMotion to help people get their health back and see what they are actually capable of. It is an absolutely amazing process!! What I like most about CrossFit is the community. Whether you are coming in because you need to make a change in your life or you feel like you are at the top of your game - it doesn't matter. We all understand because we've been there. If you are struggling with your workouts or your eating plan - it's ok because we have all been there. There's camaraderie in CrossFit and the bonds you create are very strong and trusting!! I also love the challenges we face - when you walk into the gym and see the workout posted, many times you say to yourself that you don't think you can accomplish it and then when you finish, it's the greatest feeling ever!!

- Kim